Some 12 years ago there was a visit to Bawdsey Radar by attendees of the MMRT. Over the past two years over £1.5m has been spent refurbishing the site and the exhibition and we have a further opportunity for a private visit on the Saturday afternoon. To quote from the web site, the exhibition now includes
• The story of radar – stroll between interactive exhibits that bring the history of radar to life
• Keeping the secret – introducing the people who made Bawdsey radar possible.
• Timeline wall – radar from 1935 to the present day
• Aircraft tracking with WW2 radar – a simulation experience
• A history of the Bawdsey Estate over the last 130 years
• Air traffic control – a real-time illustration of the power of radar
• Radar today – from the exploration of Saturn’s rings, to satellites and medical scanners
• Independent research – a dedicated focus space in which you can explore our extensive technical archive
The web site is at

We have negotiated a small discount on the entry charge which will be payable on the day. We are currently scheduling to be at the site at 2.30pm.

Please book for this visit on the Registration Page.